Top secret: From ciphers to cyber security

science museum

★★★★ - Time Out

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Top Secret: From Ciphers to Cyber Security is a new exhibition at the Science Museum tracking the evolution of communications intelligence. Showcasing the story of British Spy agency, GCHQ, with declassified files, handwritten documents and previously unseen artefacts.

The exhibition was carefully divided into sections, each narrating a particular moment in the history of secret operations, as well as exploring 21st century challenges for GCHQ staff to detect terrorist threats and maintain digital security.

Working with exhibition designer Andres Ros Soto, Beam created a stylised scheme, using a variety of vintage light fittings to evoke the historical period within each section.

Beam designed unique features such as lighting curved, clear acrylic walls with integrated LED and innovative solutions were used to illuminate custom showcases, cope with low ceiling height and light sensitive objects.

Top Secret will be touring after London presenting a set of challenges to ensure the lighting scheme is easily portable. 

Images courtesy of Trustees of the Natural History Museum/Dare & Hier Media and Beam Lighting Design