The moon

national maritime museum

‘From moon gods to lunar chariots pulled by geese, an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum shows our love of the rock has taken many forms’ - The Times

‘images of the moon…lit fantastically well, they just glow…filled with wonder’- Saturday Review, BBC Radio 4

**** ‘Stellar’ - Londonist


The National Maritime Museum is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing with a major new exhibition exploring our nearest celestial neighbour.

Charting cultural significance alongside scientific discovery with over 180 artefacts, art and interactive experiences, the exhibition delves into mankind’s relationship with the Moon.

Working in collaboration with the in-house design team at NMM, Beam used a variety of lighting techniques to deliver an exciting and creative lunar scheme.  Tying the exhibition together was an internally lit crescent moon art installation by Tishkov, around which theatrical Fresnel in a deep blue filter was used to create a sense of night.  To overcome the challenges of extremely light sensitive objects, motion sensors were added to trigger track-lighting and button triggering, thereby limiting the overall lux hour exposure.

A brand new rig of full size Chauvet EVE profiles were used to light graphics and section panels throughout the exhibition. A large wrap around wallpaper was treated with colour filters to reflect the tones of the graphic designed by Irish Butcher.

We also commissioned a circular lighting centre piece by Precision Lighting above the spectacular James Naysmith telescope.

Images: Beam Lighting Design