Stanley Kubrick: The exhibition

design Museum

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Stanley Kubrick created some of the most iconic and influential films in cinematic history.  Visitors to the exhibition at London’s Design Museum are invited on an immersive tour through Kubrick’s imagination and genius, to learn about his storytelling process and step into the world of his genre defining creations. 

Working alongside architects William Russell and designers Pentagram, Beam created design solutions for some 700 objects.  The exhibition was divided into clearly defined sections, each a detailed and immersive look at one specific film. As every one of Kubrick’s films is aesthetically distinct, the lighting was uniquely tailored using a variety of lighting design elements to evoke the precise mood and character of the films.

Beam designed lighting systems for several newly built showcases, displaying both flatworks and 3D objects such as the Twins Dresses from The Shining and the Moon Watchers costume from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Great care was taken in the illumination of one of a kind exhibits with special attention given to achieving the optimum conservation levels for extremely light sensitive objects such as original photographs.

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