UK Tour

Pentland Berghaus Hawkshead 2018223 copy.jpg

 In September 2018 the outdoor brand, Berghaus, revealed its multi-million-pound UK advertising campaign.  To launch the campaign, Berghaus created an installation at the London Design Biennale in Somerset House showcasing the campaign messages that aligned with that event’s theme, ‘Emotional States’.  

Beam were commissioned by Pentland Brands to create the lighting for the interactive, encouraging visitors to escape the trials of modern life and reconnect with nature and the great outdoors.  A fully immersive experience was created with lighting designed to evoke an emotional response.

Katie Greenyer, Director of creative talent at Pentland Brands commented: “The exhibition’s ‘Emotional States’ theme tapped straight into an aspect of Berghaus that we have been exploring.  At the heart of the brand is a deep love of the outdoors and encouraging us all to get outside and enjoy experiences that can be genuinely life-changing.  Through the installation, we invited visitors to explore their relationship with everyday life alongside the benefit of escaping outdoors.”